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Artistic Performance

- Miguel Pesce: Solo guitarist specialized in Argentine music y and teacher.
Place of residence  Bella Vista, Provincia de Buenos Aires.  

He’s been long dedicated to the study, interpretation and broadcasting of Argentine music.

His unsparing persuit of sound  in each chord and the respect our past deserves are pillars in his work of art.

He has made 8 gigs throughout different countries from Europe such as Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Luxemburg, Greece, Ireland, Austria and Italy.  He has made concerts and masterclass in Argentine music at Universities, festivals theatresand  cultural centres. These were claimed as High Artistic Interest Gigs by the External Relationship Ministry, the International Commerece and Cult of the Nation,  being sponsored by the General Direction of culture and Education, The Cultural Institute of Buenos Aires and San Miguel Town Hall.

He has made 2 solo guitarist Cds: “Miriñaque” (2014) y “Encordado en la Huella” (2009) with remakes and his own versions

 He was a foundating member of “Cuarteto Monserrat” (folklore Rioplatense) toghether with  Vicente Correa (Alfredo Zitarrosa’s  guitarist from the 70’s) Gustavo Nasuti, Jorge Mazaet   and Zelmar Garín. This group was  fundamental in his artistical growth.

In the year 2001 they have their first CD “Cuarteto Monserrat”, having Juán Falú, Silvia Iriondo and Patricio Villarejo as guests. In the year 2005 they have their second C.D in the triplet with V.Correa y Patricio Saez de Lubiano,  called “Marcela Dumba Aue”.

He took parts as solo interpreter in V  INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL “GUITARIST FROM THE WORLD” directed by Juan Falú, as in VI, XI y XII together with “MONSERRAT” quartette

Toghether with Rubén RUSSO they participate in the so called International Festival in the years 2OO5 and 2OO6 and have made 2 European gigs presenting his tango  “Vieja Casa”  and having Gustavo Nasuti, Sonia Abán, Marcelo Fernández and Jorge Mazaet as invited musicians.
In 2012 he  and  Pablo Fauaz were part of festival de tango de “Albi” in France and the Latin American music festivals from Limerick Ireland)
Hamburg (Germany)

He was chosen by the Government of Buenos Aires Direction of Culture to present “Bares notables históricos” from the city in the year 2007
He has been chosen by the National Academy of Tango to take part as a solo guitarist in the Gran Milonga del Bicentenario celebrated in Av. de Mayo.
He was invited to participate in the tribute to the Great Roberto Grela in Homero café together with remarkable Tango professionals

Music Background

He graduated in Juan José Castro Conservatory where he did most of his learning under Victor Villadangos supervision. Moreover  he completes his studies in the Popular music school from Avellaneda  with Armando Alonso (especialized in jazz) and he also study with Rubén “Chocho” Ruiz and Aníbal Arias in Tango.
He made courses on guitarist improvemnt with Eduardo Isaac, Eduardo Fernández, Roberto Aussel y Miguel Angel Girollet, among others. – He has been given a scholarship by the Nation Subsecretaria of Culture  to the XV meeting of Music Scholars in the University of Music and Art  in Mendoza

Teaching Activity

He is currently teaching as Guitarist and Harmonic Instrument teacher in institutions that depend on the Direction of Artistic learning from Buenos Aires,  which are the result of his merit
He has given Guitar and Diplomacy courses in Popular Argentine Music in the University of General Sarmiento Art Centre due  to his merit as  well.

- He participated as a trainer in the Updating teaching training courses in the  area of Artistic Education by the area of Artistic Education from San Miguel, Malvinas Argentinas in the UNGS /2008.

- He participated as a Guitarist lecturer, in the training and updating open lecture “Genealogy of the Culture and Latin American undersecretary of Art ” organized by the Artistic Education and the San Miguel Town Hall Direction of Education in the UNGS /2004 Art Centre.

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